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Submitted by Mauro Cicolella on 2012, October 8 - 15:51
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Mauro Cicolella
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This plugin controls a Zibase board by

How to install this plugin

Please follow the instruction for sensors and actuators on the user tutorial

How to configure it

All the configuration parameters are included in the zibase.xml file located into FREEDOMOTIC_FOLDER/plugins/devices/it.cicolella.zibase. You have to enter only the ip address of your Zibase controller.

How to control an actuator with this board

With this board you can control the powered behavior of any device connected to your Zibase board.

For this example we use a light object:

  1. Right click on the light object in the environment to show its configuration panel
  2. Change the property "protocol" to "zibase"
  3. Change the property "address" to a string composed of ZIBASE_IP_ADDRESS:ZIBASE_PORT:DEVICE_ADDRESS:PROTOCOL  where ZIBASE_IP_ADDRESS is the address of your board and PORT_NUMBER for default is 80. DEVICE_ADDRESS is the address assigned to your device and PROTOCOL is a string representing its communication protocol (see the following table for a complete list). For example if your Zibase has ip address and you want to control a CHACON device with address G2, the light object address is "". For a Zwave actuator with address ZA3 the object address is "".
  4. Under "turn on" (in Actions) select the command called "Turn on Zibase device"
  5. Under "turn off" (in Actions) select the command called "Turn off Zibase device"
  6. In Automations associate an action to the click: fill the text field with "Switch its power" and Confirm.

 The plugin is able to read any object status change and update the object one.

  1. Under "powered" (in Data Sources) select the trigger called "Zibase reads an actuator state change"


X10 P0
RFX10 P5
RFS10/TS10 P7

Configuration screenshots

Source code

Hosted here.


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Zibase is a great plug-in to

Submitted by bravoj491 on 2013, September 26 - 12:59.

Zibase is a great plug-in to use, but I always had some or the other problem while installing it. It always used to crash as the process continues. Your post here really explains very briefly how to install as well as configure it. Thanks for sharing this over here. Keep posting in future too. 


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