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Submitted by enrico.nicoletti on 2013, January 31 - 17:44
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Make Freedomotic send emails

How to use it

  1. You need a Gmail account
  2. Download the plugin from "Networking & Communication" category
  3. Set your Google username and password in the manifest file. Click on menu Plugins -> Configure -> Mailer. Change only  'username' and 'password'.
  4. Save the changes


Create an automation example

  1. Right click on an object
  2. Switch to Automations tab
  3. In the field 'when OBJECT_NAME object is clicked' write this command 'Notify this event by mail'
  4. Save changes
  5. When you click on this object you should receive an email with the description of what is happened


Others plugins can use the mailer to send custom messages. It's easy to create custom mail commands to send mails with custom subject, message and receivers. We will add soon more predefined commands for this and other use cases. 


Be aware that your firewall can block the sending of the email. Check the firewall settings.

Also, if needed, go to and enable "the less secure apps" option.

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