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Google Calendar Events

Submitted by enrico.nicoletti on 2012, October 4 - 10:15
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Allows you to create time based automations using your Google calendar events. 

This plugin connects to a public Google calendar of your choice and uses the events defined in this calendar to create time based automations. For example you can define a new Google calendar event at 19:00 called "it's evening". Freedomotic will read this calendar event and allows you to attach any command to it, for example: when "it's evening" then "turn on livingroom light"

How-to configure

  1. Log into Google Calendar using your Google account
  2. Create a new calendar (you can call it freedomotic) and remember to make it PUBLIC!
  3. Add an event to this calendar an call it "It's time to make laundry".
  4. Start Freedomotic and install this plugin
  5. Restart Freedomotic and double click on "Google Calendar Plugin" to make it retreive the list of events. On start it retrieves the events of today (starting from the current time to midnight).
  6. You should see the description of the plugin change.
  7. Now you can use the "Automation Editor" plugin to create automations like IF "It's time to make laundry" THEN "..."; where in the "THEN" side you can use any command like send an email, a tweet, or make a light blink.
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