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Devantech Ltd Eth-Rly16

Submitted by Mauro Cicolella on 2013, January 19 - 12:00
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Beta Version
Mauro Cicolella
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This plugin controls the Ethernet RLY16 board developed by Devantech Ltd. More info here.


The ETH-RLY16 provides eight volt free contact relay outputs with a current rating of up to 16Amp each. The module is power from a 12vdc supply which can be regulated or unregulated. The DC input jack is 2.1mm with positive core polarity, DC supplies are required to supply at least 500mA at 12vdc. The relays are SPCO (Single Pole Change Over) types. The normally open, normally closed and common pins are all available on the screw terminals.

How to install this plugin

Please follow the instruction for sensors and actuators on the user tutorial.


The configuration file devantech-eth-rly.xml is located into the folder FREEDOMOTIC_FOLDER/plugins/devices/it.cicolella.ethrly.  The plugin supports multiple boards. The parameters for each of them are included in a specific block <tuple></tuple>. The following table shows how to configure a board correctly.

ParameterRequiredValuesDescriptionDefault value
aliasyesstringidentifies the board - must be uniquedefault
ip-to-queryyesdecimal ip addressip address of the board192.168.0.200
port-to-queryyesintegerintegrated web server port 80
relay-numberyesintegernumber of relays8
usernameyesstringusername for authenticationadmin
passwordyesstringpassword for authenticationpassword
http-authenticationyesboolean true/falseenables/disables webserver authenticationtrue
auto-configurationyesboolean true/falseenables/disables autoconfiguration of objectstrue


Source Code

The source code in java is hosted here.

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