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Denkovi USB Four(4) Relay Output Module

Submitted by Mauro Cicolella on 2012, December 17 - 16:06
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Mauro Cicolella
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This plugin controls the USB Four(4) Relay Output Module by



This is a relay board with 4 relays RAS-05-15 controlled via USB protocol. The main purpouse of this relay board is to help you building projects regarding robotics and automatics. You may control differenet electrical devices like DC motors, pneumatic cylinders, lasers and so on. Each board requires one USB port. Multiple boards are supported.


  • Relays: 4 x RAS-05-15. Datasheet - here
  • Relay parameters: 5V / 72mA, 15A/24VDC (120VAC), 10A/250VAC
  • PCB parameters: FR4 / 1.5mm / two layers / metalized holes / HAL / white stamp / solder mask / еxtra PCB openings for better voltage isolation / doubled high voltage tracks
  • Power supply: from USB port
  • Current consumption: 400 mA
  • Chip: FT245RL. Datasheet - here
  • Power led: Yes
  • Relay leds: Yes
  • Size: 77mm x 56mm x 17mm

How to install this plugin

Please follow the instruction for sensors and actuators on the user tutorial.

How it works

To interact with the devices the plugin uses the JavaFTD2XX library.

NOTE FOR LINUX USERS: as reported on the official site you should be sure that you have permission to write to the chip. (/dev/bus/usb/[BUS]/[DEVICE], you can determinate the exact location by lsusb). By default you will not have permission, so you must chown it every time when you physically connect, or make an UDEV rule: this way. You must fit idVendor and idProduct values to ftdi's, using lsusb. For example a device:

Bus 004 Device 003: ID (this is idVendor-->)0b38:0003(<--this is idProduct) ...

How to control an object with this board

With this board you can control the powered behavior of any electric device in your environment, meaning you can turn on/off electric devices.

For this example we use a light object:

  1. Right click on the light object in the environment to show its configuration panel
  2. Change the property "protocol" to "usb4relaybrd"
  3. Change the property "address" to a "R1" or "R2" or "R3" or "R4"
  4. Under "turn on" (in Actions tab) select the command called "Turn on a relay on Usb4Relay device"
  5. Under "turn off" (in Actions tab) select the command called "Turn off a relay on Usb4Relay device"

 The plugin is able to read any relay status change and update the object one.

  1. Under "powered" (in Data Sources) select the trigger called "Usb4RelayBrd reads relay state

Source code

Hosted here



domomadero's picture

Hello, you can only control a

Submitted by domomadero on 2013, May 29 - 15:03.
Hello, you can only control a board 4 relay?  
Mauro Cicolella's picture

Yes, for now it can control

Submitted by Mauro Cicolella on 2013, July 2 - 14:25.

Yes, for now it can control only a single board

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