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The Maker Smart Home!

Submitted by Mauro Cicolella on 2016, October 30 - 17:04

Who is leading the development of the intelligent, connected home - available to everybody?
Among the pioneers we find the open source communities and makers who translate their passion for software and electronics into practical solutions to meet the needs of their families, friends and network.

The Smart Home NOW roadshow has given visibility to SOULISS and FreeDOMOTIC, two interesting communities born in Italy, and to OpenHAB, an internationally well-known, open source platform. During the Bologna, Milan and Pisa events, several solutions have been demonstrated where these open source platforms have been integrated with commercial devices and open-hardware modules. In some cases, the open-source software has not only been used for supervision and user interfaces, but to connect and enable communication among devices/nodes of an intelligent home network.


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