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Install Freedomotic on SheevaPlug

Install Freedomotic on SheevaPlug

The SheevaPlug, by Marvell, is the first example of "plug computer". The hardware is contained within the "plug" and supports a Gigabit ethernet socket, SDHC socket and USB socket. The most important advantages of this device are:

  • good performance
  • low power consumption (about 10 watts)
  • low cost
  • small dimensions

So it can be and ideally solution for "always on" applications. In order to run Freedomotic it needs to install a Java Runtime Environment. A possible solution is using OpenJDK at this link. A more complete description is available on productor official site .

Sheevaplug hasn't a video output so you must connect by mini-usb serial cable using a serial terminal program like putty or by ssh protocol. At this point to display locally the GUI on the remote machine we need to set X-forwarding with ssh. Any Linux terminal should do X-forwarding. 

For Linux users

From client terminal digit

 ssh sheeva_user@sheeva_ip_address -X 

where sheeva_user is an enabled user on the Sheevaplug and sheeva_ip_address is the remote address. -X option enables X-forwarding. 

For Windows users

Windows users need to install an X server and configure correctly their ssh program. Here an interesting guide to Windows program Putty.

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