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Freedomotic "Commander" RC3 is out!

Submitted by Mauro Cicolella on 2016, July 1 - 16:06

Hi all
Freedomotic 5.6 Commander RC3 is out and can be downloaded from
We fixed some bugs and introduced new functionalities.

A changelog is available on
After starting Freedomotic go to http://localhost:8090 in your browser and digit admin/admin as username/password.
You can access from another pc in your network by changing in the previous URL "localhost" with the ip of the machine running Freedomotic.
The web client doesn't have all features included in the java frontend but they can run at the same time.
If you want to use only the web client please remove the folder "frontend-java" under plugins/devices.
We need your help in different areas:
- testing (not all browsers are 100% html5-compatible)
- functionality
- usability/UX
- graphics/layout

So report your comments/issues on
If you want to contribute take a look at the source code and

Stay tuned!

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