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This is the currently RECOMMENDED versions for most users. You can also try the latest dailybuild if you feel brave.

ReleaseJava VersionSize (MB)Release DateChangelog

linux  windows  mac apple

JRE 6+44 MB11 Mar 2014Bender changelog


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Daily Builds

These releases are created daily by our Continuous Integration System on Codebetter Teamcity. Try one of them if you want to be on the bleeding edge of Freedomotic development. These releases are unstable, do not use in production environments.

Download the latest available dailybuild (JRE 7+ required)

Note: The dailybuilds are created and stored on an external host (codebetter). Sometimes it is down due to maintenance, we are sorry for the inconvenience, please be patient.


Debian Packages

ReleaseSize (MB)Release Date
freedomotic_5.5.1.deb43 MB27 Apr 2014


Old Releases

Do not use them, these are listed here just for historical reasons. No support will be provided for these versions.

ReleaseJava VersionSize (MB)Release DateChangelog

linux  windows  mac apple

JRE 6+44 MB

24 Jan 2014

Bender changelog


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