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Create Automations (aka scenaries)

In Freedomotic, automations are quite more powerfull that simple timed turn on/off of objects. They can be created in nearly natural language (we are working on it) in the form "if this happens then do that".

Event Driven Automations

To create a new automation right click on the related object, switch to "Automations Tab" and start to write your command into the input box related to the trigger you desire for your command.

For example:

  1. Right click on a light,
  2. Switch to Automations tab
  3. Type "switch its power" in the input box related to the trigger "if XXX is clicked".
  4. Click OK.
  5. Now the light turns on and off when you click it.

Time Driven Automations

For timed automations like "every minute do this" you will need a "Clock" object. (If there isn't one already one of the map, add one by pressing F6 and double clicking  on the Clock object on the list on the left side of your screen.) Then right click on your new object, switch to automations tab and create your automation the same way as the Event Driven Automations, just  explained above, for example:

Make a light blink every 5 seconds

  1. Right clik on the clock object and switch to "Automations Tab" or use the automations editor which lists all available triggers.
  2. Find the trigger "every 5 seconds" and link to it the command  "Switch Light1 power".

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