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Add Features with Plugins

Download new features from the marketplace

In "Plugins" menu choose "Install from marketplace". After the list is updated (it can take up to a minute) you will see the list of plugins on the markeplace that are available for your current Freedomotic version. To install one double click on it and follow the instructions.

Start and stop plugins

Loaded plugins are visible in the list on the left of the environment map. A colored plugin means it is currently running, if it's gray it is stopped.

To make a plugin running (or stopping an already running plugin) simply double click on its name. When a plugin is running the feature it provides is available to the system. For example the OpenWebNet plugin enables communication with BTicino OpenWebNet (OWN) devices. This means the plugin not provides automation to drive OWN devices itself but only "translates" the Freedomotic user command which can be "turn on kitcken light" in hardware level specific commands. This way you could forget about hardware details and how they communicate internally, you simply say "turn on kitchen light", and Freedomotic takes care of the rest.

How to configure a plugin

Some plugins offer a configuration dialog to interact with its features. To show it simply right click on the plugin name. For example you can try this on the "Various Sensors" plugins which is a development tool to simulate a temperature and luminosity sensor. You can make this fake sensor notify a temperature change to Freedomotic moving the "temperature" slider. Please remember that not all plugins have a configuration dialog, so if you right click and nothing shows is because this plugin have no configuration options.

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