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Add and Configure Objects

Move objects

From menu Edit -> Objects Edit Mode (F6) you can drag & drop furnitures around the environment. Right click on an object will prompt its configuration dialog; more info about objects configuration can be found in Configure Objects section.

Connect objects to real devices

In Freedomotic objects are independent from the hardware you use to drive them. For example a light object is the same if you turn it on/off using OpenWebNet, KNX, X10 and so on.

First be sure to have the right driver plugin installed (eg: z-wave plugin). If not install it following the plugin specific instructions on its marketplace page.

To bind an object with a specific protocol you have to right click on the object to open its configuration dialog. Now go to the "Commands" tab and bind the object generic actions like "turn on" and "turn off" with the specific hardware command to execute it. For example a light "turn on" action can be bound with "turn on OpenWebNet (OWN) light" command selected from the list on the right.

How to add objects to the environment map

Here you have two options.

  1. Add it from the toolbar: click on menu Edit -> Objects Edit Mode or press F6. Now you see the list of objects you can add to your environment. Simply right click on it and choose "Add to environment". Press F6 again to come back to view mode.
  2. Clone an already existent object on the map: if you want to clone an object, e.g. a light, right click on it, go to "Properties" tab and click the "Create a Copy" button. A new object of the same type will be created and placed in the left top corner of your environmnent. To know how to rename it and move read the next paragraph.

How to customize the icons of objects

Objects icons are stored in FREEDOMOTIC_FOLDER/data/resources. If you want to edit an object icon or create a completely new one firstly edit/create the png image used to represent the object, and put it in the folder mentioned above. Then you have to associate your icon with the object. To do so right click on an object and go to "Representation" tab. Click on the "Change Image" button and select your custom image you put in the FREEDOMOTIC_FOLDER/data/resources folder. Every object behavior (on, off, etc...) can have a different icon to represent itself, so you have to repeat the operation for every representation you want to change. To change the current behavior of an object go to the "Control" tab and use the controls to switch it, then you can change its icon for this behavior as explaned above.

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