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Room-based Events

Submitted by bestmazzo on 2013, March 12 - 17:32
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Short Description: 
This plugins sends events related to rooms' status and creates triggers accordingly.  

New feature:  Turn off all devices in a room!
At startup, the plugin registers commands in the form "Turn off all devices inside room XXXX", so you can use them in your reactions.

Whenever you turn off a light, the plugin checks whether in the same room there are other lights turn on and accordingly sends and event "room %name% has %no|some|all% lights on". It even adds and registers related triggers so that you can create custom reactions. Read more »

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Submitted by enrico.nicoletti on 2013, January 31 - 17:44
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Short Description: 
Make Freedomotic send emails

How to use it

  1. You need a Gmail account
  2. Download the plugin from "Networking & Communication" category
  3. Set your Google username and password in the manifest file. Click on menu Plugins -> Configure -> Mailer. Change only  'username' and 'password'.
  4. Save the changes

  Read more »

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Google Calendar Events

Submitted by enrico.nicoletti on 2012, October 4 - 10:15
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Short Description: 
Allows you to create time based automations using your Google calendar events. 

This plugin connects to a public Google calendar of your choice and uses the events defined in this calendar to create time based automations. For example you can define a new Google calendar event at 19:00 called "it's evening". Freedomotic will read this calendar event and allows you to attach any command to it, for example: when "it's evening" then "turn on livingroom light" Read more »

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Sensors Simulation and Utilities

Submitted by enrico.nicoletti on 2012, April 7 - 11:15
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Short Description: 
A must have set of basic plugins like a clock to enable timed automations, automations editing, and a set of sensor simulators, performance trackers, log viewer for both developers and users.


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