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RestAPI v3

Submitted by bestmazzo on 2014, July 2 - 22:49
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Jersey RestAPI
Short Description: 
RestAPI v3 for managing your Freedomotic instance. Installed by default in Freedomotic package.

Basic Configuration

Useful configuration parameters you can insert into your plugin manifest:

  • listen-address [] : the address to listen to ( means every address)
  • enable-ssl [true] : enables support for Secure Socket Layer
  • enable-cors [true] : enables support for Cross Origin Resource Sharing

Advanced Configuration

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Chat plugin

Submitted by bestmazzo on 2013, March 4 - 21:55
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chat plugin
Short Description: 
This plugin allows a user to interact with a Freedomotic server, by just 'chatting' with it using the most popular protocol XMPP (the one that runs, for instance, ).


In order to use the plugin you need to have 2 or more XMPP compatible accounts:

  1. the one to be used by the plugin (you can get a free account at
  2. one for each user allowed to remote control Freedomotic


Post installation steps:

  • edit chat-manifest.xml, insert login data and set a password in order to make an unknown user to a 'friend'.
  • restart Freedomotic
  • access your IM account
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Submitted by gpulido on 2012, August 4 - 19:30
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Web Server
Short Description: 
A modern browser based frontend for Freedomotic. 

The latest version is only compatible with 5.6 dailybuilds. To test it please follow these steps.


Dowload the last available 5.6 dailybuild


Open config.xml under FREEDOMOTIC_ROOT/config and set KEY_SECURITY_ENABLE to false

STEP 3. Read more »

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Submitted by enrico.nicoletti on 2012, February 29 - 16:21
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Short Description: 
The default frontend shipped with the base freedomotic package on the download section. It is a graphical user interface to manage, control and configure your devices through a map like interface.
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