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New plugins from our community [News]

Submitted by Mauro Cicolella on 2013, May 3 - 07:52

Hello all,

Freedomotic is growing!! Thanks to our new member Wilson from Hong Kong we have two new plugins:

Discover them visiting the related pages.

Have you developed a plugin to control a specific device or interact with a tecnology? Please submit it to our marketplace.

Thanks and good development!!

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Youtrack: new issue tracker for Freedomotic

Submitted by Mauro Cicolella on 2013, April 5 - 18:35

Hello to all!
Freedomotic has its new issue tracker: Youtrack by Jetbrains.
We adopted this tool to be more productive with Agile Project management. With this aproach we can plan, visualize and manage our work in an efficient manner, with support for both Scrum and Lean methodologies.

So if you want to report any issue (new feature requests, bugs etc) or follow our development cycle please visit


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New Partners: Hw group & [News]

Submitted by Mauro Cicolella on 2013, March 29 - 19:04

In these days two new entries in our partnership program: Hw group and

Many companies have given us hardware contributions to the project and we are very thankful for their support. Not only they show that they care for the open source community but they also show they are alert enough to be in the business for many year to come. Read more »

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100 followers for Freedomotic Twitter account

Submitted by Mauro Cicolella on 2013, March 15 - 22:36

Thanks to the first 100 followers!

Our project is growing, so continue to follow us and share with your friends on 

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45 downloads a day for the latest version in the first week

Submitted by enrico.nicoletti on 2013, March 11 - 11:03

Thank you all for your interest, appreciation and support. In the next few days the SDK for "Andrew" version will be released. STAY TUNED!!

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Freedomotic 5.4 (Andrew) version is finally out! [News]

Submitted by Mauro Cicolella on 2013, March 3 - 19:24

freedomotic 5.4 andrew releseHi to all, after a long period of braimstorming, work, testing the new Freedomotic version is ready. For the next releases we introduce a new codename based on famous books, movies and cartoons robots.

The first is Andrew, the robot of the Book "Bicentennial Man" from Isaac Asimov which inspired a film with the same name featured by Robin Williams. (to learn more
Thanks to the development team for its effort and to users that have contributed with
their suggestions, testing, reporting.
There is a lot of work to do, many many features for the next release.
We need the help of all so join our community and contribute to the discussion.
To download Andrew click here.
The changelog version is here.
Stay tuned!
Freedomotic Team  
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New Videos on Youtube Channel [News]

Submitted by Mauro Cicolella on 2013, February 23 - 14:58

Hi to all

we have published new videos on our Youtube channel.

How to create automations

How to install plugins from Marketplace

New videos in the next days.

Stay tuned! Subscribe our channel!!

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Freedomotic speaks to you!

Submitted by Mauro Cicolella on 2013, February 15 - 18:05

Hi to all,

a new great feature for Freedomotic: the Text-to-Speech plugin. It can be used to speak any text after an event occurs. It is completely programmable using the automations system (if this then say that).

Based on freetts library it's compatible only with oracle jdk (not openjdk).

It's a first draft. We are working on more improvements.

If you want to know more visit the marketplace page. Read more »

Our member Alberto is working to an old project that he's converting to a platform Freedomotic compatible. It is based upon the possibility to open an electric lock throught a biometric scanner and a relay board. Read more »

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Over 4000 downloads for Freedomotic 5.3 [News]

Submitted by Mauro Cicolella on 2013, January 26 - 07:01


Hi to everybody, we really want to thank you! Read more »

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