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New Freedomotic Logo [News]

Submitted by Mauro Cicolella on 2012, June 13 - 21:17

Freedomotic has a new logo created by Ivan Arpon ( We are developing a new version of the framework with many functionalities, new plugins and much more. So stay tuned and join our community! 

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Freedomotic HTML5/Javascript Frontend [News]

Submitted by Mauro Cicolella on 2012, May 17 - 12:50

Thanks to our member Alberto we have started developing a new universal Freedomotic client. At the moment the program is quite primitive: it loads a background image which will be a synoptical in the future and there is a combo box that permits to make a choise about light status querying to RESTapi. Now it has been tested successfully with freedomotic 5.1 and receved XML file into browser's new tag. Read more »

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Freedomotic on Raspberry PI [Tutorial]

Submitted by Mauro Cicolella on 2012, May 12 - 07:56




Thanks to Enrico's work we've got Freedomotic running on qemu, an ARM processor emulator. Performances are very poor due to the java frontend plugin, but is really not the right frontend for this situation, however we haven't even started to optimize it. To get Freedomotic running on Raspberry pi/qemu follow this tutorial:

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Freedomotic optimization started [News]

Submitted by Mauro Cicolella on 2012, May 6 - 10:13

Hello, for some versions we want to focus our own work on the optimization of the framework features we already have. We've uploaded a new daily build if you want to try a first draft of the optimization work ( Read more »

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